Liquidation, Cleanout, Fixturing, and Merchandising Services

The 360° Approach to All Retail Renovation or Repair Projects

Retail operations face a unique set of challenges daily as it is. If you add in the complexities of recovering from a disaster, store remodels, and other construction projects – those challenges get compounded by the need for liquidation services, cleanouts, fixture installation, and merchandising services. Choosing the right vendors for all of these different services is critical to making sure that your stores reopen on time and on budget. However, getting 3-4 different companies to stay on the same page and get the job done is daunting, to say the least. That is why 1GNITE offers a complete solution to liquidation, cleanout, fixturing and merchandising for all your retail remodel, new construction, or repair projects by handling all of your operation’s needs in one service. 1GNITE’s 360 approach to retail renovation and repair projects includes the following:


PHASE ONE: Prepping the store before the remodel/renovation/ repair crews


Liquidation of Reusable Goods and Disposal of Damaged Ones

Our teams will go through the stores and collect any goods and equipment that can be resold, reused, or recycled.  As an experienced liquidation company, we have a network of buyers ready to bid on your existing assets. The teams will also dispose of any item that has been damaged and cannot be resold or recycled.


Cleaning Out The Stores To Prepare The Space For Construction Companies

Why pay expensive construction companies to do remedial tasks like cleanouts? It’s not their specialty, but you’re going to pay premium prices. 1GNITE emergency cleanout services teams are trained specifically in retail cleanouts and are affordably priced.


Removing Fixtures, Shelves, and Displays… That Will be Reused and Storing In A Safe Mobile Container Nearby


PHASE  TWO: Putting everything back in its place after the remodel/renovation/repairs are done so you can re-open the store quickly


Installing Fixtures

Fixturing companies are only as good as their experience. They need to be able to spot issues before they come up, adjust as needed, and work efficiently around those challenges. 1GNITE has 15 years of experience with hundreds of store layouts across thousands of completed projects for some of the country’s biggest retailers.


Merchandising The Store

Correctly and quickly getting merchandise back on shelves is what determines how fast your store can re-open its doors. 1GNITE’s merchandising teams can save you time and money on any retail construction project.


The benefits of working with one company to handle all the aspects of disaster recovery or construction projects boil down to one thing: efficiency. Knowing how to navigate these projects makes 1GNITE’s solution unique.


What are the benefits of a 360 approach to retail liquidation, cleanout, fixturing, and merchandising services?


1. A Seamless Coordination

When you hire the same company to liquidate assets, clean out the store, install fixtures, and merchandise your stores – you ensure a smooth and coordinated process. 1GNITE will have a better understanding of your specific requirements and can align the entire project with your overall store design and branding. This eliminates potential miscommunication or delays that may occur when dealing with multiple contractors.

2. Complete Visibility

Our proprietary project management platform allows you to see the progress of your projects from start to finish. Our teams use our purpose-built app to take pictures and send updates on every step of the process.

3. Consistency in Quality

Working with the same company ensures consistency in the quality of work throughout your stores. Our teams will clearly understand your expectations and standards, leading to uniformity in how stores are cleaned out, how fixtures are installed, and how merchandise is displayed. Consistency is crucial for creating a cohesive and professional in-store experience for your customers.

4. Reduced Cost and Increased Time Efficiency

Hiring a single company for all of the services your construction project will need is more cost-effective and time efficient. It eliminates the need to manage multiple contracts, schedules, and budgets, streamlining the process and reducing administrative tasks. More importantly, you’re not paying premium prices for over-qualified vendors to complete simple tasks.

5. Expertise and Specialization

1GNITE has the necessary expertise and experience to handle any project, anywhere in the country.  We understand the markets for used goods and assets. We understand the technical aspects of installing fixtures, such as electrical and plumbing requirements, and can ensure that everything is installed correctly and safely. Moreover, our teams have the knowledge of best practices for merchandise display, optimizing product visibility, and maximizing sales potential.

6. Post-Installation Support

Our goal is to complete problem-free projects, but should an issue arise – there is only one vendor to handle those problems. You can rely on 1GNITE for any post-installation support or maintenance needs. If any issues arise, you can reach out to a single point of contact, making the resolution process more efficient. This ongoing relationship can be valuable for future store expansions or renovations.

7. Nationwide Deployment

1GNITE’s technology platform allows us to manage multiple projects across multiple states at the same time. This means you can widen the scope of your remodel projects, or handle multiple disaster projects at once. The result is less overall downtime waiting for stores to be ready for the next phase of the project.


1GNITE’s liquidation, cleanout, fixturing, and merchandising services are all industry leaders on their own. When you combine them you get a service that is more efficient, more cost-effective, and maintains a level of quality that makes serious financial impacts on your disaster recovery and store remodel projects. Contact us today and let’s see how 1GNITE can help you.

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