Transitioning to the circular economy will help you create fresh, flexible, and innovative revenue streams to fuel corporate growth for the next decade.

Adopting a circular business model will also protect your brand, strengthen your supply chain, and eliminate waste.

But let’s be real, transitioning to the circular economy is difficult.

There is no “magic pill to get you there.  That transition requires profound changes throughout the supply chain and, if you are not careful, it will keep you spinning in circles with nothing to show in the end.


We work with some of the largest corporations in the U.S. to help them translate their intentions and aspirations into actions and results.

Gradual Transition

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1GNITE delivers a gradual integration of proven concepts with quantified impacts.

Innovative Solutions

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We deliver the spark to rethink your processes and the expertise to create meaningful changes.

End to End Support

We do all the heavy lifting. From proof of concepts to pilot testing to full implementation. We help you every step of the way.

Accomplish. More. Together.

1GNITE services are modular, helping you take smaller bites of circularity without choking on it.

We believe in creating a series of wins to help you eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, slash wastes in all forms, and build momentum.

1GNITE’s services include:


Choose between 100% virtual, hybrid, or face-to-face innovations workshops.

We deliver the spark you need to rethink your revenue profile, address the needs of the low-touch economy, and capitalize on consumer habit changes.


1GNITE helps connect the dots and delivers agile program enhancements from proof-to-concept to full implementation.

Helping you transition to the circular economy faster and with confidence.


Benefit from turnkey used assets liquidation solution that maximizes returns, a solution that maximizes returns, increases velocity, and eliminates waste generation.

Enhance your returned goods program with 1GNITE’s custom solutions to reduce costs, migrate risk, and maximize reintegration of valuable resources into the supply chain.


Increase efficiencies, rapidly detect and respond to disruptions, while sustaining a competitive edge with 1GNITE’s Supply Chain Transformation solutions.

Our experts will help you strengthen your supply chain, from agile planning to closed-loop manufacturing, to alternative supplier sourcing, and reverse-logistics optimization.


The end of green wishing: 1GNITE’s solutions for hard-to-recycle items are designed to be deployed chain-wide so you can finally shatter those landfill diversion goals.

Custom waste and recycling programs help you achieve your waste diversion goals while the Vizvi Intelligent Service Tracking platform shows you every detail of the continuous programs’ optimization.


From circularity scenario building to assets inventory management, service verification automation, and sustainability tracking, 1GNITE’s Vizvi reporting platform delivers accurate, verifiable, and secure information.

Secure accurate data for your Environmental Social and Governance, Global Reporting Initiative, Carbon Disclosure Project, or other reporting needs.

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