A series of ebooks sharing best practices to liquidate your assets and inventory the right way.  Saving you time, money and protecting the environment.  


1GNITE Ultimate Guides series of eBooks shares 1GNITE Solutions’ best practices to help businesses, large and small, maximize the value of used assets or excess inventory they need to liquidate,  deploy efficient reCommerce programs, reduce their environmental footprints as well as accurately report and navigate the unprecedented resource crisis. 

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The Liquidation Ultimate Guide shares the best practices to effectively liquidate your used assets and excess inventory.

Follow the three-step approach to complete the liquidation in record time, maximize the returned value of your assets, and avoid generating a mountain of waste.

The Restaurant Liquidation Ultimate Guide shares the best practices to effectively liquidate used equipment whether you need to upgrade your cooking or freezing equipment as part of a remodel or to prepare for a restaurant closure.

Follow the three-step approach to get rid of used equipment in a manner that is quick, returns as much money as possible, and is done in the most environmentally responsible way.

The Warehouse Equipment Liquidation Ultimate Guide shares the best practices to effectively plan for a warehouse move or closure by helping you determine what used warehouse equipment should be liquidated and what should be moved.

Follow the four-step approach to complete your used warehouse equipment liquidation on schedule, on budget, and with the highest possible returns.

The Refrigeration Upgrade and Energy Efficiency Ultimate Guide shares the reasons why retailers need to upgrade their refrigeration units, as well as the best practices to effectively upgrade the equipment while maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing costs.

Find a summary of important regulations along with a curated list of resources gathered throughout the web to help your organization reduce its carbon footprint and benefit from all available options to reduce the cost of the upgrades.

The Merchandising and Fixturing Ultimate Guide shares how retailers can reduce the cost of continuously refreshing their stores. 

Creating a memorable shopping experience that aligns with the brand’s ethos resonates with consumers and generates repeat purchases can be achieved in a financially and environmentally responsible manner.  This guide will show you how.

The Emergency Preparedness For Retailers Ultimate Guide shares best practices to minimize the impact of a hurricane and to re-open your retail stores quickly and safely.

Retail stores are critical to local communities and even more so after a storm hits.  Considered the last to close and the first to open, retail store operators can follow this guide to draft an emergency preparedness plan and reduce the impact of the next storms.

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