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How To Decide If One Company Is Better Than Three?

Fixturing and merchandising services are a critical part of any retail store construction, or renovation project. Whether it is to accommodate new store openings, refresh store layouts to appeal to consumers changing needs, or simply periodically refreshing the mix of merchandise sold in the stores – retail stores rely on merchandising and fixturing companies to help coordinate the effort and execute across many locations at the same time.

Selecting one company that expertly manages fixturing and merchandising has several advantages but is not a practice particularly new in the industry.

1GNITE is pioneering a different approach that further streamlines operations, and helps reduce costs while ensuring a high level of quality.  1GNITE is leveraging its merchandising and fixturing teams to complete small repairs that would generally be handled by a technician, as well as to assist the General Contractors during small renovation projects.  1GNITE’s enhanced merchandising and fixturing teams have shown the ability to streamline repairs, new installs, remodels, renovations, disaster recovery, and any other projects retail operations may face.

Let’s use the example of a small fire in a store that was put out with a fire extinguisher:

Conventional Approach

You can task the renovation company with doing everything. Chances are, they will charge you extra for all the work that is truly outside their scope, and you will need to pull associates from the floor to handle removing, cleaning, and replacing all the merchandise.

1GNITE’s Approach

You task the renovation crew to do the big repairs. 1GNITE’s merchandising team is brought in to dispose of all damaged items, wipe down all shelves and fixtures to remove fire extinguisher residue, clean all the recoverable products, then put them back on the shelves exactly per the planogram.  1GNITE’s enhanced approach to merchandising delivers lower costs and does not require the store employees to spend time merchandising the shelves.

What are the benefits of using one company to complete merchandising, fixturing and small repairs projects in a Store? Using 1GNITE’s next-gen fixturing and merchandising teams Delivers :

Merchandising and Fixturing Services Deliver A Streamlined, Technology-Backed Process

By working with a single company, you simplify the coordination and communication involved in multiple tasks. You have one point of contact who oversees all aspects, ensuring better coordination and smoother execution. 1GNITE’s fixturing and merchandising crews use our proprietary app to make sure that every single step of the process is completed in order and on time, taking the guesswork out of your project.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Hiring one company to handle multiple tasks can save time and money. 1GNITE can create an efficient timeline and plan that integrates all the necessary steps, reducing downtime and minimizing costs associated with hiring multiple contractors. Using multiple vendors can always expose your project to overspending.

Smarter Project Spending

Our fixturing teams can work in conjunction with construction contractors to handle tasks like moving fixtures out of the way, cleaning the space before and after a project, and making sure that the construction crews are able to do their jobs. Construction companies are going to charge a much higher hourly and project rate when they have to do extra work, so having a vendor that makes their lives easier means less spending for you.

Combining Merchandising and Fixturing Services Bring Consistent Branding and Design

When one company handles fixturing and merchandising, they can ensure consistent branding and design throughout your retail stores. This consistency helps create a cohesive and appealing shopping experience for customers, enhancing your brand image. This allows 1GNITE to ensure that every store is completed to your planogram specific design.

Merchandising, Fixturing and Repair Services Expertise and Experience

A company that specializes in various retail services brings expertise and experience to each aspect of the process. 1GNITE works with some of the country’s largest retailers and has the experience needed to complete any project of any size. We understand the industry’s best practices, have knowledge of merchandising trends, and can effectively handle liquidation and cleanout processes.

Reduced Risk and Liability

By entrusting one company with multiple tasks, you reduce the risk of miscommunication, errors, and potential liability issues. When you work with 1GNITE, we are responsible for managing all aspects of the project, ensuring compliance with regulations, safety protocols, and industry standards. More importantly, we save your operation time by completing the job right the first time, eliminating costly delays.

Comprehensive Project Management

Working with a single company allows for comprehensive project management. With our proprietary project management platform, 1GNITE can oversee the entire process from start to finish, ensuring tasks are completed on time and according to your specifications. This centralized management approach simplifies logistics and provides better control over your projects.

Merchandising , Fixturing and Repair Services Long-term Partnership

Building a relationship with one company that offers a range of services can lead to a long-term partnership. As 1GNITE becomes familiar with your brand, stores, and requirements, we can provide ongoing support, adapt to your evolving needs, and become a trusted partner in your retail operations.

It’s important to evaluate the capabilities and track record of the Merchandising and Fixturing Services company you choose to ensure they have the expertise and resources to handle all the required tasks effectively.

To get started on your next merchandising and fixturing projects, contact 1GNITE today.


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