Case Study: Helping a National Retailer Reduce Costs and Prevent Delays on Construction Projects

How 1GNITE helped a national retailer, who completes 1,000 + store remodels and new store construction projects a year, reduce costs and prevent delays.



A national retailer, who operates tens of thousands of stores across the United States, implemented an ambitious store refresh initiative that required thousands of stores to be renovated or built on an annual basis.

The Program Director needed to find ways to reduce the cost of the initiative and prevent costly delays.

The Program team lacked resources and spent hours every day dealing with store refresh issues.



  • 1GNITE identified a set of labor-specific tasks that were essential to a smooth transition between specific phases of a renovation or new construction project and that would trigger costly delays if not handled promptly.


  • 1GNITE took over managing the task of removing and storing inventory, dismantling, removing, cleaning and installing shelving, fixtures and refrigeration equipment as part of store renovation or new store construction projects.


  • 1GNITE leveraged its national network of vendors to complete the tasks on time and on budget throughout the year


  • 1GNITE leveraged its technology platform to dynamically schedule the teams to minimize time on site, coordinate with other trades, and automate service validation to ensure timely service completion.

    “1GNITE’s service allowed the stores impacted by a massive hurricane to re-open quickly and helped us significantly reduce the cost associated with the cleanup.”

    Director, Waste Management, National Retailer


    A managed service which reduced the cost of the store refresh initiative and allowed the stores to open on time.




    • 1GNITE helped the Program Director achieve their cost-reduction goal by ensuring specific tasks were completed on time and on budget, therefore reducing the cost of the store refresh initiative.


    • The retailer program management team saw a 15% reduction of tickets dealing with issues to solve as 1GNITE ensured the pivotal labor tasks were completed on time.


    • The retailer felt confident it could increase the pace of its store refresh initiative without adding additional resources to manage the program.


    • The best practices captured during the services were transposed into corporate training modules for all store operators to take advantage of.

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