Warehouse Liquidation

4 steps to maximize the value of your equipment

When going through a warehouse liquidation, determining the value of the used warehouse equipment you have decided not to move, that still retains reasonable value, Is the next major step. Below is a 4-step guide that will help you figure out how to maximize the value of your equipment, so you receive as much money as possible for your used warehouse equipment and partially offset the cost of relocating your warehouse to a new location.


Warehouse Liquidation Step 1: Make a Detailed Inventory

The first step to maximizing the value of your used warehouse equipment is worth is creating a detailed inventory of everything you want to sell.  Gathering information is time-consuming but is essential to receive an accurate quote from liquidators and auction houses.   Take as many pictures as you can to illustrate the condition of the item. For each item you want to resell, make sure to capture:

  • Type
  • Make/Brand
  • Model
  • Size
  • Year/Age
  • Condition ( Like New, Good, or Fair for example)
  • Take pictures.


Starting with an existing inventory list is a great option to assess the value of used equipment with a high resale value , but doing a full walk-through is going to be required for used warehouse equipment like shelving, conveyors, and other static assets.


Warehouse Liquidation Step 2: Assess The Value Of The Used Equipment

To determine the value of each piece of used equipment in your inventory list from step 1, there are a few additional factors to consider:


Cost to Dismantle and Move the equipment

When it comes to used equipment like shelving, conveyors, carousels, and mezzanines – the cost to dismantle and move it becomes a major consideration it the equipment’s value.  Equipment that costs more to move than it is worth could need to be recycled or donated for example.



Volume plays a big factor in determining value because the more you have of something, the more it makes sense to offer a cheaper price per unit. The labor and moving costs are minimized by dismantling and moving everything together, so adjust your per-unit price to reflect that.

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 Warehouse Liquidation Step 3: Set a Reasonable Schedule


Knowing when you need to have an item sold can greatly affect the price you sell It for. If you have tight deadlines, your used warehouse equipment needs to be priced for a quick sale. If you have longer deadlines, you can afford to seek out several liquidation options and really strive to get the most out of your used assets.   To maximize the value of your warehouse equipment, make sure to set a Liquidation schedule that provides enough time for your team to prepare a detailed inventory, contact a few companies to receive several quotes, and allow enough time for the selected company to complete the required disassembly and liquidation.  The Liquidation schedule will vary based on the warehouse size, location, and equipment to resell, but plan a minimum of two months to complete all the tasks.


Warehouse Liquidation Step 4: Choose A Liquidation Option That Works Best for your Operation


Just as there are several factors in deciding what to liquidate, and how much you think you should get paid for it, there are a couple of options for liquidating used warehouse equipment useful to consider when looking for the best liquidator for your operations.


Direct Sales

Although it is the most labor, and time-intensive option, selling directly to other businesses and public consumers is always an option. Often the sales themselves can be easy, but it takes time to find buyers. That is where liquidation companies come into play. You’ll get the highest value with direct sales, but it requires the most time and labor.


Hire a Warehouse Liquidation Company

Liquidation companies already have a collection of buyers on hand and know how to sell the used warehouse equipment you need sold. Experience liquidators can quickly assess your assets, give you an estimated value, and get them sold a lot faster than trying to liquidate them yourself. The trade-off is the cost of using them over doing it yourself, but the savings in time and effort can be worth it.


1GNITE has the experience required to not only get your used warehouse equipment liquidated, we have the expertise to get you the most value. From start to finish we can assess what you have, where to sell it, and what it is worth. We manage every step of the process and work with you to coordinate your liquidation project with your current operations to make the whole process seamless. Contact us today to get us started on your next warehouse equipment liquidation project.




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