Case Study: Reducing Retailer’s Cost of Renovations After a Disaster

How 1GNITE implemented a custom emergency clean out program to help a national retailer resume operation after a hurricane.



A national discount retailer with tens of thousands of stores across the US needed to reduce the cost of restoring stores impacted by weather events such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

The stores operate under the “first one in, and the last one out” philosophy to provide much needed supplies to the communities, and therefore must be able to re-open as quickly as possible.

The retailer has contracts in place for extensive remediation services but the damages at most stores did not qualify for such expensive services.



  • 1GNITE identified a common expense that could be significantly reduced by dynamically deploying a fast response cleaning and disposal service.


  • The service, which consists of emptying and safely disposing of the perishable waste in coolers and freezers after an extended power failure, prevented spoiled food from contaminating the refrigeration equipment.  As a result, the retailer avoided costly refrigeration equipment sanitation expenses.


  • 1GNITE leveraged its network of service providers to pre-mobilize teams based on the projected path of a storm and rapidly deployed them to service the stores impacted by an extended power failure.


  • 1GNITE service app allowed for the service teams to be dynamic routed, for the service completion to be validated real time and for best practices to be easily captured.

    “1GNITE’s service allowed the stores impacted by a massive hurricane to re-open quickly and helped us significantly reduce the cost associated with the cleanup.”

    Director, Waste Management, National Retailer


    A low cost, flexible, emergency clean out service that allowed the stores to re-open quickly.



    • Hundreds of stores located in Florida, South and North Carolina and Virginia that were impacted by hurricane Ian were serviced within hours of the roads being re-opened.


    • None of the stores who took advantage of the service incurred additional refrigeration equipment sanitation cost.


    • Nearby stores that did not use 1GNITE’s service faced thousands of dollars in additional remediation and sanitation expenses.


    • The best practices captured during the services were transposed into corporate training modules for all store operators to take advantage of.

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