Merchandising and Fixturing

How to find the right company for your operation

Merchandising and fixturing services are important to all retail store’s operations, choosing the right company requires careful consideration to ensure you find a company that can handle any and all projects you need to complete. The following 5 easy steps will help you choose the right merchandising and fixturing company for your operation:


Step 1: Assess Your Merchandising Needs

Start by evaluating your specific requirements for fixturing and merchandising. Consider factors such as the type of products you sell, the size and layout of your store or display area, your budget, and any specific design or branding preferences you have. Having a clear understanding of your needs will help you narrow down your options.


Step 2: Research Merchandising Companies

Look for fixturing and merchandising companies that specialize in your industry or have experience working with similar businesses. You can start by searching online directories, asking for recommendations from industry peers, or attending trade shows where these companies may be exhibiting. Take note of companies that have a good reputation, positive customer reviews, and a portfolio that aligns with your needs.


Step 3: Evaluate Their Expertise

Once you have identified potential companies, evaluate their expertise and capabilities. Review their portfolio or case studies to see examples of their work. Look for evidence of their ability to create functional and visually appealing fixtures and displays. Consider their knowledge of current merchandising trends and their ability to incorporate your brand identity into their designs.


Step 4: Check References and Merchandising Reputation

Before making a final decision, check the references provided by the companies you are considering. Contact previous clients to inquire about their experiences working with the company, including the quality of their work, adherence to deadlines, and overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, research the company’s reputation online, looking for any negative feedback or complaints.


Step 5: Communication and Collaboration

Consider the communication and collaboration style of the fixturing and merchandising companies. It’s important to work with a company that listens to your needs, understands your vision, and communicates effectively throughout the project. A collaborative partnership will ensure that your fixtures and displays align with your goals.


 1GNITE has helps some of the largest retail chains in the US with tens of thousands of liquidation, fixturing, and merchandising projects year after year, and has accumulated the kind of experience that only comes from doing the work. Our teams have encountered everything that could go wrong over the years and have mastered a plan of attack for each problem.  They can also see issues before arriving at the store, just by looking at the planogram, and start working around the issue while helping solve it.


1GNITE also can deploy multiple teams across multiple states simultaneously. Our proprietary project management Field App allows us to track the progress of multiple projects at multiple locations in near real time. All our teams use our in-house software to follow the steps of your project and report their progress back with updates and photos. This not only allows you to see the overall status of your projects but ensures that the jobs are done right the first time, and done to your brand standards.


The combination of a solid technological platform and experience adds up to a level of efficiency you won’t find in other fixturing and merchandising companies. Every day your stores aren’t open is a day you’re losing money. When you multiply the potential losses from using a slow, inexperienced fixturing and merchandising company across the scope of all your projects – it becomes pretty obvious that choosing the right company is paramount to success.


1GNITE has the experience to handle any fixturing and merchandising projects that your retail operations have, and we’d love to talk to you about how we can help. Contact us today.


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