1GNITE Solutions 2021 Year In Review

A recap of the most important milestones

1gnite solutions 2021 year in review: it was an inspiring, challenging, and memorable year filled with achievements.

As businesses navigate the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape, 1GNITE focused on doing what we do best: helping businesses turn disruptions and obstacles turning into opportunities. In 2021 alone, we completed over 1800 reCommerce services, saved our clients over 10 million dollars, and diverted over 40 million pounds of waste from landfills.  In addition, we also designed and deployed three phenomenal applications to streamline our services, even more, to help corporations transition to circularity and deploy a dynamic internal supply chain in a matter of days.

Those are just a few milestones for 2021 we want to highlight, but here is the breakdown of how the year went:

1GNITE Infographic 2021 year in review

2021 was a big year for 1GNITE. One the team is quite proud of.    A phrase we often hear from our client is they wished they had called us sooner.  We have the expertise and agility to take on your toughest issues and turn them into your greatest accomplishments.  Don’t be shy, contact us today.

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