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Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment Liquidation

Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment Liquidation Services Trusted By Fortune 100  Companies

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Liquidation Made Easy

Managing large-scale restaurant remodels or upgrades requires ninja-like multi-tasking skills and the ability to handle daily fire drills without losing your cool.

While you are certainly up for the challenge, we offer an easy, turnkey solution to help you get rid of any used commercial kitchen equipment, liquidate unwanted restaurant furniture, used commercial freezers, coolers, ovens, fixtures, and more.

1GNITE’s 3 steps process is proven to generate top revenue in record time without you needing to lift a finger.



Share the list of what needs to be liquidated along with the addresses of your restaurants and the desired service time frame.

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No hidden fees and No gimmicks. Just great work and one price to pick up and liquidate your used cooking and refrigeration equipment.

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Our team will schedule a convenient time to pick up your used restaurant equipment and pay you at the time of the service.

Getting rid of old commercial kitchen equipment when making room for new ones or closing a business does not have to give you nightmares.

Enjoy white-glove service, top prices, and excellent customer service.

Get Paid Top Dollars, Quickly

Get Paid Top Dollar, Quickly

We leverage a national network of used equipment resellers to pay top dollar for your used commercial kitchen equipment at the time of pick up.

No need to wait for auction houses to liquidate the equipment. No storage fees or hidden fees

We Take Care of Everything

Scheduling the service based on your timeline.

Coordinating with your renovation crew and the companies delivering the new equipment.

Picking up the units, repairing, marketing, reselling, or recycling them.

Used commercial kitchen equipment easy solution
Used commercial kitchen equipment

Fast Turnaround, Easy To Use Solution

Simply share the list of locations, the list of restaurant equipment to liquidate to receive a no-obligation quote within a few days.

Our service teams are ready to be across the US to collect all items you seek to liquidate.

Trusted Nationwide

We help national chains of restaurants, discount stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores cost-effectively, safely, and quickly liquidate hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment every year.

Nationwide Used commercial kitchen equipment Liquidation

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“You are my easy button to liquidate all commercial coolers and freezers. Thank you for being so good at what you do!”

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“You guys did such a thorough job, and you make the process so easy. Great working with you!”

Director Network & Facilities

National Commercial Real Estate

Liquidation Services Trusted by Fortune 100

Get a quote now to liquidate any used kitchen equipment, commercial coolers, freezers, ovens, furniture, and more.

Join the 10,000+ facility locations that benefited from fast, turnkey liquidation service.

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