Case Study: Helping an Oil Services Company Recycle Broken Parts

How 1GNITE helped a Texas-based Oil Services company recycle broken parts and secured premium rates.


A growth-oriented, Texas-based oil field services company providing hydraulic fracturing services to leading oil and gas companies needed to reduce waste and increase both the value the flexibility of their recycling programs. The company active fields generated a vast amount of cracked power end units as well as a variety of stainless steel parts. Most parts were too large to be easily removed and the labor cost to prepare the units to offset the revenue from recycling them.



  • 1GNITE introduced tight processes to increase the recyclability of cracked power end.


  • 1GNITE provided a turnkey solution that included inventorying the units to be recycled, dismantling, and cleaning the units before shipping them to specific processors, scheduling the services, verifying the services were completed on time and documenting the environmental and the financial impacts of the enhanced recycling programs.


  • 1GNITE negotiated premium rates by targeting manufacturers in need of feedstock and by bypassing several middlemen.



A turnkey solution that saved time, money and maximum recycling rates.



  • 1GNITE turnkey solution created a significant revenue stream for the company.


  • The newly implemented solution helped the company saved months’ worth of time from their full-time employees.


  • 1GNITE handled the current and past inventory in a matter of months, which allowed the customer to better use the space previously occupied by broken parts.


  • The company had complete visibility to the savings realized, the volume recycled, as well as the environmental impact of their new program.

The team at 1GNITE helped deliver such an easy to use solutionthat saves my group a ton of time and they secured fantastic rates too !

Regional Vice President, Oil & Gas Company

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