Coolers & Freezers Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to know to purchase used coolers and freezers, schedule and confirm pick-ups.

Coolers & Freezers Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to know to purchase used coolers and freezers, schedule and confirm pick-ups.

Welcome to 1GNITE’s used refrigeration equipment removal and resale program! We greatly appreciate your business and are looking forward to working with you.

Below, you’ll find a summary of the process to reserve, purchase, and collect used two or three-door glass merchandiser coolers and freezers from our client’s stores. Following these steps will ensure a seamless experience for you and 1GNITE’s corporate clients.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team at 1GNITE. You can reach our sales representatives, Dave Fenton (email: , phone: 203-400-0792) and Josue Bazan (email: phone: 458-356-0104). For operations-related inquiries, please reach out to Tim Semones and Malcolm McGartland at or call 469-430-1298.


The process to secure, purchase, and pick up used TRUE Coolers and Freezers is easy and ensures minimal disruption to your and the stores’ operations

STEP 1: Review and Approve Your Proposal

Coolers & Freezers Buyer's Guide

Contact Dave Fenton at or Josue Bazan at to obtain the list of used refrigeration units available in your area.  They will email you a proposal which will include:

  • Required dates to pick up the units
  • Locations of 1GNITE client’s stores where the units will be available for pickup
  • Detailed list of units to be removed, along with model numbers, serial numbers and the year of the units
  • Total price for the units
  • Invoice due date

To approve the terms of the proposal, simply click the “Accept” button

Step 2: Purchase Your Units

Coolers & Freezers Buyer's Guide

You will receive an email with an invoice for the units you committed to purchasing and picking up.

Invoices must be paid by the due date.

Please note that the “Review and Pay” button on each invoice allows you to easily pay for the units or schedule the payment for the due date in advance.

Failure to pay-in-full, on-time, as agreed, may result in increased pricing on future invoices, or exclusion from future opportunities.

Step 3: Schedule Your Pick Up

Coolers & Freezers Buyer's Guide

Please share the name, email, and cell phone number of the person who will schedule and confirm the pick-up.

Removal must be scheduled at least one day prior to the first specified removal date.

This is done by using the links emailed and texted to the designated scheduling contact

For example: if a store’s removal dates are on a Thursday or Friday, the removal must be scheduled no later than Wednesday.

Click on the link to open 1GNITE’s DG Cooler Scheduling App

Coolers & Freezers Buyer's Guide

Please note that you can forward the text or email to the person who is scheduling the pick-ups.  The link will work.

Once you open 1GNITE’s DG Cooler Scheduling App, simply follow the prompts to schedule the pick-up dates for the units you purchased at each store.

Step 4: Get The Release Form

Coolers & Freezers Buyer's Guide

Once the units are paid in full and the pick-up dates are rescheduled, you will receive a release form via email that includes:

• The pickup date window

• The address of the store

• The list of units you purchased and are authorized to pick up

• The list of units the store is keeping and therefore must remain at the store

The day before your scheduled pick-up, please call the store phone number indicated in the release form to ensure all products are removed from the coolers you are scheduled to pick up.

Step 5: Confirm the Pick-Up While at the Store

Coolers & Freezers Buyer's Guide

Please confirm the pick-up while you are at the store using the link you receive by email and text the day before your scheduled pick-up.

Feel free to copy or forward the link to any of your team members completing the service to ensure that the confirmation is done while on site.

Alternatively, you can email a picture of the signed and dated release form to or text it to 469.430.1298


Should the equipment you purchased be different than the units on the release form, or should it be broken or missing, please call 1GNITE at 469.430.1298 while you are at the store.

We can only provide credits for equipment that is reported as broken or missing at the time of removal and confirmed by the Store Manager.

Please keep in mind that 1GNITE is an authorized dealer of TRUE parts and accessories. We have access to the largest inventory of 100% genuine OEM parts for all TRUE coolers and freezers.

To receive a quote, simply email and include the model number and part(s) needed for the broken unit.


Please review our FAQ page, or feel free to contact 1GNITE at 469.430.1298 or with any questions.

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