When visiting our offices, you are likely to hear someone say,
“You can’t grow what you don’t know.”

It’s kind of our mantra.
These seven simple words capture our philosophy and our methodology.


Companies typically create solutions they think others need; then exert significant resources trying to convince them of such. 1GNITE has no products or tools to sell, so we start every engagement with a blank canvas. This enables us to listen, understand and validate the issues and challenges at hand. Once the endgame is clearly defined and validated, we begin assembling or creating the right strategy, tactics and resources to ensure success. Because “You can’t grow what you don’t know.”

Network of People Icons


Team 1GNITE is comprised of internal staff members, our network of solution companies, and members from academia. Together, the team brings unprecedented experience, knowledge and diversity to the table. While we are not big on labels, our team gets called many things – like visionaries, strategists, experts, game changers and dreamers. And since we don’t have a predetermined agenda, we’re able to custom-assemble the best team for addressing challenges regardless of functional area or industry.