We start with a discovery session in order to better understand
your business, your team, and your challenges.

Discovery sessions can be conducted in virtual settings or at your offices.

Upon completion of the discovery session, we determine the optimal path to improvement
based on our key learnings and your goals, dreams and aspirations. 


This path is best for clients that have a specific need for a service, product or technology. Typically, the RFP has already been developed. Spec sheets, product scope documents, maybe even product road maps, may exists as well. So this path is for getting 1GNITE to provide a quotation for the project. 1GNITE, using its network of experts, responds with the appropriate solution and its related costs.

Left and Right Brain


The second path requires an 1GNITE session to get everyone's creative juices flowing. While this path also leads to a detailed action plan, it's driven more by the creative process. This path, often call the right-brain path, works best if conducted away from the office in order to eliminate distractions and encourage discussion. 1GNITE sessions, which are attended by the client's leadership team, last one full-day at a minimum.


1GNITE brings an experienced team of thought leaders and subject matter experts from operations, sales/marketing, finance, supply chain, and technology to the session. The goals for each session vary somewhat, depending on the client’s objectives. However, most session goals include the following:

Identifying core problems, challenges and opportunities (presently and near-term).

Developing mission, vision and value statements to articulate and validate the objectives of the engagement.

Developing a core set of products, services and/or solutions needed for accomplishing the objectives as defined in the mission, vision and value statements.

Identifying targeted market segments vertically by industry, and horizontally by offering.

Develop a clear and actionable value proposition, supported by quantifiable points of difference.

The first portion of the session includes active brainstorming. During this segment, the team focuses on answering the simple question, “What does your business need to be successful?” From this the team develops a “living” list of projects, which may span a number of departments, functional silos and/or lines of business. Then the list is prioritized by financial and operational impact, as well as by time-to-value.

The next step includes the assessment and assignment of responsibility to each respective team lead or subject matter expert. This person manages the team’s resources and is charged with developing the idea and finding the optimal solution. This step is particularly important because it helps keep the client’s personnel focused on internally-managed projects, while 1GNITE tackles the projects lacking internal resources and/or experience.

Once the action item list is created, the requisite time tables, milestones and follow-up schedules are established. This is how we drive collaborative accountability, prevent scope creep and ensure the timely completion of all tasks.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

1GNITE, with our proven business model and A-List network of experts, is confident we will deliver quantifiable value. So much so, 1GNITE provides this session at no cost. Zero. Investing our own time and resources into our client’s business is a necessity – one that we feel separates the talkers from the doers.