We are transformation agents dedicated to performance improvement.
Our primary tools are imagination and innovation.

By the way... "Why not?" is our favorite question because we often scorn the status quo.

To ensure we deliver the goods, we use an extended resource pool – one that blends multi-industry knowledge with operational expertise, emerging technologies and innovative business practices.

Business transformation is disruptive. And rightly so, as many of today's performance barriers are steeped in management practices and belief structures from decades ago. Igniting change is disruptive, but failing to do so can be devastating.

Light Bulb with Gears Coming Out

We spark innovation. Thus the name. But we don’t just spark a company’s innovation engine. We are not the company that comes in, finds some inefficiencies, delivers death by PowerPoint, then bolts to the next project. While we are dreamers, we are also doers. Because dreams without action are just that - dreams. Which is why we are a business transformation company that is fueled by improvement.


After years of working in multiple industries, with companies of all sizes, we have isolated a number of reoccurring issues facing today’s business owners and corporate executives. Of course there are hundreds of challenges, but most stem from one or more of the following areas:

Lack of innovation and resources

Inability to embrace change

Poor data integrity and/or information latency

Inconsistent quality of services or inability to quantify service levels

Weakened competitive position (frequently caused by large-scale consolidations)

Unable to shift organizational behaviors away from the status quo


The 1GNITE brand is based on two key principles: Innovation and Singularity. The word “ignite” refers to giving life or providing energy; to spark or turn on. Singularity refers to our powerful, yet simplistic, business model based on one.
One team, with one point of contact, driven by one purpose… to improve. That’s 1GNITE.



1GNITE was founded by Brian Dick.  Brian was the President, CEO and Co-Founder of Quest Resource Management Group (NASDAQ: QRHC). Under Brian’s leadership Quest broke through the rank of startup and grew into one of nation’s most respected recycling and waste management companies with nearly $200 million in revenue and almost 40,000 locations, in less than eight years.

It was through this business that Brian realized the power of combining INNOVATION with the convenience and efficiencies offered through ONE STOP SERVICE. Brian, armed with a proven business model and business relationships developed over the last twenty years', began assembling Team 1GNITE. The team, combined of industry and functional experts, helps businesses improve performance in the areas operations, sales, marketing, finance, technology and human resources.